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Surprise by Ego Rodriguez


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by Ego Rodriguez
printed on Giclée Hahnemühle Photo Rag



This print is an edition of 100 in 3 different sizes:

  • 50 Regular Prints SMALL (size 8” x 10”)
  • 40 Regular Prints MEDIUM (size 10” x 12”)
  • 10 Regular Prints LARGE (size 11” x 14”)


      Certified of Authenticity.

      Archival Giclée Print in Hahnemühle 308gsm Photo Rag.

      It has a white border suitable for framing.

      The purchase does not transfer reproduction rights.


      Surprise throws at us many thoughts and questions. Even many memories if we are lucky (or unlucky) enough. This queer art from Ego Rodriguez is another piece of contemporary narrative drawing that invites the viewer to build upon the scene. Are we the blue side or the red side? Do we want to be the sitting red or the rather surprised standing one? Is it anything else missing? Do we have enough to create our own ending to this concept art? Too many questions or not too many answers. But the reality is one: whichever color we are, we could be in this story too.